Gas Plumber in Birmingham, AL

gas plumberWhen you purchase most of your appliances, from household heating systems to stoves and ovens, you can choose to install gas or electric, depending on your preferences. While electric equipment has a lower up-front cost and proves safer in case of damage, many opt for the faster-heating gas option. A gas plumber can also tell you the latter offers easier heating control, higher efficiency, and lower energy bills.

But if your gas equipment is on the fritz in Birmingham, AL, you should understand when to call for assistance and what to expect when the expert arrives.

When Might You Have a Gas Line Issue?

A gas line leak can evolve from improper installation, years of use alongside little to no maintenance, or outside factors like bad weather and burrowing animals that cause deterioration. Regardless of the cause, a gas leak releases a dangerous chemical that kills vegetation directly surrounding the problematic part of your piping. Therefore, if you notice a discolored or dying section of greenery, contact a specialist.

You may also notice the following signs you need gas plumbing services:

  • A rotten egg smell in your home, which means you should immediately evacuate the premises and call for professional assistance
  • Hissing or whistling as the gas forces its way out of a tiny crack in your gas line
  • Limited heat from your boiler or furnace since it’s not receiving the optimal amount of fuel necessary to undergo each heating cycle

Why Should You Call an Expert?

You may want to fix a gas leak yourself to save money, but our team warns against DIY projects, especially those involving harmful substances like gas. If you expose yourself to a leak or inadequately secure fittings when installing an appliance, the gas takes a toll on your body, causing headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. Prolonged subjection leads to more severe health concerns.

Your home and family are also in jeopardy during leaks since something as simple as lighting the stove or a match can cause an explosion, severe injuries, and death. So call a gas plumber to get back to using your appliances safely without side effects and danger.

What Does a Gas Plumber Do?

A qualified plumber with extensive knowledge takes on more than drain and sewer issues. They can handle gas lines and appliances, which include gas line installations and other gas piping services.

Types of Gas Line Installations

Our licensed and experienced team finds the appropriate location for your gas appliance so it’s in the least dangerous part of your home before we install the system. After securely installing all parts, we double-check each connection to prevent the possibility of a leak or deterioration. While each installation and replacement job differs slightly, we take the same precautions for all of the following:

  • Stoves, ovens, and ranges for cooking
  • Storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, furnaces, and boilers for household heating
  • Outdoor firepits, grills, and stoves
  • Clothes dryers

Other Gas Piping Services 

Alongside installations, a gas plumber performs annual inspections to ensure all parts of your gas system are in working order and don’t pose a threat. One of our many inspection tests includes a gas line pressure test where we shut off all valves and check the gas pressure reading for leaks. We usually conduct this test if you had your gas off for six or more months or when installing a new appliance.

We also:

  • Repair existing lines if there’s a leak or disconnect
  • Reroute gas lines for more convenience
  • Conduct line sizing for adequate gas flow

We’re More than Plumbers; We’re Craftsmen!

Dealing with gas is dangerous to you, your family, and your home. One false move or any prolonged issues can cause fires, destruction, and loss of life. Therefore, the moment you notice something off with your gas system, refrain from a guesswork-filled DIY project and call us for assistance.

Craftsman Plumbing, Inc. has provided the above gas line services and more since 2007. We carry top products and state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees a job well done every time. With five-star services and immediate assistance, our honest and reliable local gas plumbers are the best in the Birmingham, AL, area, so call 205-329-6105 for services today!