Sump Pump Service in Birmingham, AL

basement, sump pumpBasement flood damage costs homeowners across America thousands of dollars every year. Fortunately, you can avoid water damage to your basement and foundation with a sump pump.

Sump pump malfunctions can occur at any moment, and you don't want to be left standing in ankle-deep water after a basement flood. If you don't remember the last time you had sump pump services, it's time to give us a call for maintenance.

At Craftsman Plumbing, Inc., our contractors have years of experience delivering sump pump installation, repair, and cleaning solutions for Birmingham residents like you. We inspect your sump pump, empty it when necessary, and perform repairs to keep it in good condition when you need it to protect your floors, walls, and furniture from water damage.

How We Service Basement Sump Pumps in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to sump pump maintenance and repair, few home service contractors in Birmingham can match our quality of work. We start the process by inspecting your plumbing for common signs of damage, like obstructions or leaks. Then we review a comprehensive checklist to find any issues with your sump pump that might need repair or replacement.

Here is a step-by-step overview of our sump pump repair process:

  1. We turn off your sump pump and check your home's electrical for faulty cables or breakers.
  2. We check the positioning of your pump to ensure that it does not lean or bend during operation.
  3. We drain the sump pump by forcing water into the sump pit.
  4. We test the pump's pressure levels.
  5. We remove faulty components and clean the grate.
  6. We replace any worn-out parts (motors, pipes, batteries, cables, etc.).
  7. We activate your new sump pump and observe the results, making adjustments where needed.

Our company partners closely with reputable suppliers of sump pump products and materials. This way, you have access to some of the best parts on the market at affordable prices. We can discuss which options are available after your initial inspection.

You can expect us to complete your sump pump service within just a few hours.

Professional Birmingham Sump Pump Technicians

Our technicians pay close attention to detail during every sump pump service. You can expect safe installations, quality assurance, and professionalism from the entire crew. We pride ourselves on providing fair pricing on parts and labor for every sump pump installation and repair.

As a licensed and insured company, we comply with OSHA guidelines while on your property. We also clean up after ourselves, so you won't need to lift a finger after your sump pump service. We leave your home clean and tidy — guaranteed.

How often should you service your sump pump? We will let you know how often to schedule service during your comprehensive consultation. At the least, we recommend a maintenance tune-up before the start of the rainy season.

Most homeowners should drain their sump pumps annually. Still, we will provide personalized recommendations according to your basement's needs.

When to Call for Sump Pump Service in Birmingham

Here are a few indications that it is time to service your sump pump:

  • Sudden Power Loss: Does your sump pump turn off unexpectedly throughout the day? Power problems are one of the most common issues we discover when servicing these plumbing appliances. We can check your batteries and electrical connections to resolve the issue.
  • Improper Sizing: Inexperienced contractors may install sump pumps that are too big or too small for your property. Our team can identify these errors and replace your sump pump with the right size.
  • Unusual Noises: Your sump pump will make gurgling noises and vibrations during operation. However, chaotic thumping and splashing sounds suggest serious internal problems. We can locate the source of the issue and fix it before disaster strikes.
  • Old Unit: Most sump pumps suffer frequent performance issues after ten years of operation. Corrosion, debris, and other problems can cause a total system failure. We can replace your sump pump with a new unit so you don't worry about flooding during storms.

Call Craftsman Plumbing, Inc. for Reliable Sump Pump Installation and Repair Services

Don't let unnecessary basement floods cost you a fortune in home repairs. At Craftsman Plumbing, Inc., we provide five-star sump pump service when you need it. Our team will respond quickly to your requests and recommend the right repair solution for your home and budget.

We are proud to earn top ratings from customers across Birmingham, AL. As a dedicated sump pump installation and repair contractor, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction during every visit.

Do you have more questions about sump pump service in Birmingham, AL? Contact Craftsman Plumbing, Inc. for answers. Schedule a consultation at (205) 202-3925.